We all have friends that we connected with the moment we saw them. It’s as if our souls came from the same place, and we make each other better by being part of each other’s lives.

Everyone also has certain family members that they just get along with better, and it’s almost as if we are destined to be in each other’s lives.

There are many theories as to how the soul chooses when and where to incarnate. Certain spiritual seekers claim to be able to read the eternal records of knowledge, or the Akash, and can see the ties that bring souls together in this lifetime.

Some people believe that before a soul incarnates on Earth, it agrees to live lifetimes with certain individuals. Groups of people incarnate together, with higher spiritual agreements to accomplish certain things.

Many tribal cultures, such as the Native Americans and Aborigines, believe in reincarnation. They regard groups of people as part of the Earth’s soul, and have the philosophy of “what’s ours is ours” rather than the pervasive sense of individuality that exists in the Western culture today.[1]

Other philosophies, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, also speak of reincarnation. The belief is that based on past life actions, also called karma, we are born again in order to live out the consequences of our actions. Family members will be reincarnated into the same families, to switch roles or to complete soul contracts from the previous lifetimes.

Some souls are said to incarnate on Earth without any karma, and are here in order to help enlighten other people and to liberate all life from suffering. These souls are born into situations where the family may have worshipped the Buddha in the past life, or in areas where the enlightenment is needed.

Our lives are more than the progress of birth to death. With our eternal souls, our lives take on a grander context of being more than just this time and place.

Many parents will dream of their future children before they are born. It’s as if the child visits the parents in the higher realms, and selects the parents that will raise them.[2]

The idea is that the child will choose their parents based on what they want to learn. For example, a child born into a certain religion may have a past life involved in that religion. Or a child born into a family of nurses might have chosen to incarnate in order to be a healer. A soul will also choose a physical location due to its proximity to certain educational opportunities or geographical features.
Think of this in the context of your own life, and it might start to make more sense why you were born where you were.

Taking time in meditation to reflect on your relationships and opportunities that are available to you can assist you in mastering your purpose in life. When we live life in joy, including nurturing those closest to us, then we are living in harmony with our life purpose. Start today to appreciate the divine order that all of life is participating in.


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