The prejudice against single women has existed for a long time. From the time in memorial, the unfair and untrue assessment of single women has been sad, alone, unwanted, unsuccessful and incomplete. Despite the increase in conversations about gender in this century, those double standards still remain.

This notion of single women was never based on truth or factual – it was just another way for the society to exercise control over the female members of human species. When it comes to women, their relationship status is used as the primary measure of happiness and fulfillment.

But this is wrong. Why is it wrong? Why is it unfair to judge single women based on their relationship?

The answer is single [1] women do not measure their level of happiness, and fulfillment based on their relationship status. Another answer to this burning question is that women who have been single for a long while do not need the company of a man to be happy or feel emotionally stable. Because there is no law anywhere that says that a woman has to have a partner to feel happy, comfort or successful.

The truth is single women [2] are already happy and successful without a man.

The modern stereotype of single women is one that is constantly being defied by these strong and independent women.

There are several reasons why a woman might choose not to have a partner for a long time. For example, some women were single during most of their teenage and young adult lives in high school and college. They have gotten used to not having a partner.

Another reason is that some women are wary of having partners as a result of past actions of their exes. Their legitimate reason is ‘why should they get their hearts broken all over again’. Women like these go out on a couple of dates usually as a result of pressure from friends and family. These dates never get serious enough to lead to exclusive relationships.

Some women simply have just had enough of the complicated and demanding dating world.

There are more reasons for women to stay single for a long time and single women ultimately become the happiest bunch. Why is this?

Single women developed over the years the ability to enjoy their own company. They embrace solitude and aloneness – they don’t shy away from it. The time they spend alone they use to know themselves more, learn about new things, and develop new interests and hobbies and eventually becoming happier.

They find the idea of sleeping alone comforting. There is no feeling of being incomplete when they go to functions and events like weddings alone. 

Single women have recognized that being alone doesn’t equate to being lonely. To them, with solitude comes peace, tranquility and a better chance for self-discovery. Single women find it easier to figure out their priorities and never have to give up their dreams or passion because of a partner.

Single women usually have a closer relationship with their friends, family, and colleagues at work. People who classify single women as unhappy and unsuccessful fail to recognize the importance of a closer relationship with family and friends.

Their independence allows them to focus on their work and often times, they experience success in their field of work. The fact they don’t have to depend on a partner for support allows them to make their living on their own.

Instead of spending time on frivolous acts, single women dedicate their time to achieving their goals and dreams. They don’t have a partner to consider when it comes to making important career decisions like moving to a new city for a promotion.

Single women don’t feel insecure by the prospect of never getting married – after all, they are used to having no partner.

While some go as much to refer to the life of solitude as a boring, depressing and sad life, single women recognize the benefits that come with solitude. They even get extra motivated by this! The joy of defying the stereotype gives them strength and serves as a constant source of inspiration to be successful.

Sometimes, these women meet a partner – but they do this on their own terms. They are not forced into making a decision and they would only choose a partner who can better their lives.

The partner they choose is someone who is happy to have a strongly independent and successful woman as a significant other. Someone who never feels insecure by the level of success of a woman. Someone who gets inspires and gets inspired by the actions of their partner.

Women who have been single for a long time never give up on a dream – it is not just in their makeup or character. They do not entertain the idea of giving up on the things that make them happy for a partner. They know compromises are to be made in relationships but never to the detriment of their happiness or general well-being.

There is a happiness in a purposeful life and these women would never have to give up their paths. Women who have been single for a long time are indeed the happiest.


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