Life is a learning process. The day you stop learning will be the day you stop living, despite still being alive. It wouldn’t have been a boring journey if we knew everything from infancy. We’d just be living out days and acting out already laid-out thoughts, taking no risks and experiencing nothing spectacular. It has always been said for centuries that experience is the best teacher. Sometimes, we may get a heads-up about a particular thing in life from someone else, and we’d still end up falling into the trap it creates. Going through it yourself is the only way to truly learn and accept.

It’s amazing how we subconsciously store away the lessons we learn from each year of lives. Still acting subconsciously, we prioritize them from the most impactful to the least significant.

Thousands of women in their 40s on Twitter poured out their hearts upon a simple request from Nyasha Junior, a writer. Nyasha asked the women to give pieces of advice to their 20-something-year-old selves, things they wish they had known back then. It would arm women of the younger generation with the foresight and wisdom to make less devastating mistakes as they journey through youth, or avoid them completely.

Even women older than 40 couldn’t resist joining in on this one

One comment advised her 20s self to be aware of the fact that things aren’t going to turn out as she’s always fantasized. There are going to be obstacles and hurdles, but she will have an amazing time overcoming them. She just has to do what she loves and stay away from toxicity.

Another interesting comment advised her younger self to practice self-love. She doesn’t have to wait for a man to turn up to feel loved and proceed to turn into a dried-up well if her heart gets broken. She should learn to keep herself happy at all times. It’s a major responsibility.

A woman advised her younger self to stop excepting everyone to love her. Despite what she’d always been told about good girls having it easy in life, it’s not always true. The only person she has to impress is herself. All that hogwash about being everyone’s perfect ray of sunshine will emotionally exhaust her if she takes them seriously.

It’s amazing how much wisdom and lessons these women are putting out there. Drinking in the wells of their knowledge will ease the emotional strain and trauma younger women will go through.

It doesn’t mean they won’t also experience difficulties and tough situations, but it will be easier to blaze their way through.

Here are some of the best tweets selected by Fem Positive from the conversation [1]. The women’s pictures and names have been blurred to maintain their privacy in the media space.


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