You know those appreciation threads making the rounds all over twitter for some time now – yes, think of this as a sort of appreciation article for women all around the world. People, scratch that, men tend to take the delivery story for granted and even husbands begin to take it with levity once their wives give birth to the second or third child. For all the mothers reading this, I salute you.

You hear many tales of birth – some are beautiful and make you wish to have babies of your own, others gory and even scary. But the joy of seeing that little cute thing cry for the first time is always worth it. Even women with the scariest of birth stories still want more babies!

It is only appropriate that something that painful leaves its mark on the body and the next image you see will surely capture your attention.

Steffanie Christi’an, a Facebook user recently posted a photo that has since gone viral. The photo depicts a wooden dilation chart showing the process of cervical dilation centimeter by centimeter. Trust me, there is no way you would see that photo and not give your mother a call afterward.

She left a comment that seems even more appropriate with each look at the photo, “This is why we deserve all the things,”

Well, she is right. Women do deserve all things!

The photo was originally posted by the SCV Birth Center with a caption that reads, “Whelp—that’s what 10 centimeters look like. Just perfect for that little head.” Unless your child had a head the size of a watermelon, then it quickly becomes “I’ll take fourth-degree tear for 500, Alex.”

It has a little bit of humor but it is definitely true.

If you don’t know about the SCV Birth Center, well this is your lucky day. This is the sole nationally accredited CABC birth center in all of Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope and San Fernando Valley. They make use of the board as an educational and enlightenment tool for pregnant women about what the cervix looks like during labor. These images are the kind that deserves an ‘omfg’ or ‘wtf’ caption. There is probably no emoji that would describe the expression on your face after taking a look at these images.

They also provide “personalized maternity and well-woman care including natural childbirth, home birth, and waterbirth options”. There is also an Etsy store where you can get a personal dilation board.

Get yours at Etsy: FromJennifer

If there was ever any doubt about the status of women as badass and stronger, well this is the home run of confirmations.

There are thousands of books that you read before D-day telling you what to expect, why you need a birth plan, your delivery care package and as well as labor positions. But none of those books hits the nail on the head as this picture does on what the body looks like during childbirth.

The basic requirement for a vaginal delivery is; 100% effaced and 10 centimeters dilated.  Every woman is unique and the time before reaching this point varies. For some, it takes just a few minutes especially women who have given birth before. For others, the dilation process might run into hours and days, yes days!

Women get praised for their outer body shapes and the likes, but we tend to underappreciate some of the most important parts. There are few things that trump the joy of bringing another human to life – the feeling is surreal, exhilarating and incredible. Those parts of our bodies responsible for this are the real champs and they make us special.

This is why we deserve all the things.

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