When we find out that someone we love is a narcissist or psychopath, we may find ourselves wondering what did we do wrong to deserve it. It’s important to realize that you didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s everything that you did right that attracted them to you in the first place. They like appearing to be better than other people, and they believed that being with you was their way to do that.[1]

They love all of the attention that being with a strong woman gives them. Truly, narcissists and sociopaths aren’t strong enough people on their own. Most of the time they have a codependent need to be supported by a woman in their life. This is because of their infantile state of mind and they never truly learned how to grow and develop as a human being. They’re totally wrapped up in themselves, and are unaware of other people and their needs.

A strong woman is able to take care of herself, and might not need the normal support that is given in a relationship when she’s found herself in a relationship with a narcissist or a psychopath. See more traits that attract them in this list.

They Have A High Capacity For Love

Strong women have learned to love themselves, and often offer support to the people in their lives. They are able to love the otherwise unlovable narcissist because they can see the good in everyone. Unfortunately, a narcissist will utterly take advantage of a woman’s ability to love beyond herself. They lack empathy, and although a woman may feel as if she can love enough for the two of them, you can’t create a fulfilling relationship with just one person feeling. Society teaches men and women to objectify other people with shows like the Bachelor and the endless newspaper tabloids, so this behavior might be learned.

You are responsible and reliable

Narcissists can’t often see beyond their reflection in the mirror. A strong woman will pick up the slack for the man, and when otherwise he couldn’t be able to exist, her accountability holds both her and the man up.[2]

If you’re finding yourself reeling after a relationship with a narcissist, learn to balance your life. Take time to be tender with yourself and nurture your inner child. Achieving balance in your life will in turn attract a more balanced partnership in the future. While you might have to take care of other people, also try to be free to be yourself.

You are a powerful woman.

Deep down, narcissists are nursing a wound of perceived inadequacy that often goes all the way back to childhood. This is why they regress to a childlike, demanding state. They see in you a powerful, maternal energy that they can “nurse” off of, and they think that you can magically solve all of their problems and may blame you for their own inability to take responsibility for their lives. A woman with a good job and influence is something that they aspire to “own.” [3]


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