Where you go is only half a trip; who you go with can make or break the trip.

Choosing the right travel buddy can be a herculean task. We all have our individual interests, likes and dislikes and finding someone who shares our interests and ideas of what a great vacation should look like can be a tricky business [1].

Your travel buddy can be the difference between an amazing travel experience and an extremely boring one. The big question is, who should you bring along with you on your next trip  [2]?

Here’s what you need to know:

People born under this star sign are leaders, discoverers, and pioneers. Fondly referred to as the “restless Ram, ” Aries are known for their adventurous spirit. They enjoy being active, often loading their itinerary with tons of activities.

Aquarians and Sagittarius are best suited to traveling with Aries, as they are also independent and wouldn’t mind doing their own thing for a while before meeting up with Aries later on.

People born under this sign are very sensual and love pampering themselves. From the smell of lavish aromatherapy to the feel of the plush robes in the spa, this sign relishes a luxury experience.

Taurus is best suited to traveling with Pisces. The accommodating nature of a Piscean will ensure both signs enjoy their trip.

Gemini’s loves adventure, traveling, learning and experiencing new things. They do not enjoy being locked down in a rigorous itinerary. A social butterfly, this sign enjoys the journey as they do the destination.

The best travel buddy for a Gemini is Leo. Since Leo is fun-loving by nature, they would enjoy engaging in fun activities and other shenanigans.

A sign of children and family, Cancer likes to explore, but also enjoy the comforts of home. Travelers under this sign would find the best travel buddy with Virgo. This highly-organized sign will joyfully map out the details of our next trip.

Travelers born under this sign, enjoy fancy activities like sipping champagne on the rooftop. They relish excitement and glamour.

Gemini is a good match for Leo since both are keen on seeing the world and experiencing everything a new place has to offer.

People born under this sign of the zodiac are well-organized and take time to plan a trip. Virgos are well suited to Pisces since both enjoy similar cultural pursuits.

The most social sign of the zodiac, Libra loves to go on adventures. Gemini or Leo will make a good travel companion for you. Both signs are energetic and can match the Libra’s desire for non-stop fun.

People born under this sign prefer to travel in small groups with their closest friends. Taurus and Cancer will make great travel partners. Their love for staying in a place and getting to know it thoroughly will ensure they both enjoy their vacation.

Sagittarius is well suited to solo-travel. They are adventurous and love to explore on their own. When traveling with a Sagittarius, patience, and flexibility are two essential attributes. For this traveler, Aries is a good travel buddy, as they share your desire for adventure.

The most ambitious sign of the zodiac, Capricorns likes to vacation with a plan. They are usually found at a special museum exhibition or religious landmarks. Virgo’s love for history and cultural vacations would make them the best travel companions for this sign.

The humanitarian sign, Aquarians are often troubled by the imbalances in the world. Aquarians will love trips that expand their knowledge about the universe. Like Sagittarius, Aquarians may like to travel alone, however, Gemini, another air sign, will make a great travel partner for this sign.

The most spiritual sign of the zodiac, Pisces loves to participate in relaxing activities. Taurus is the ideal travel buddy as both signs take time to admire a destination’s culture and nature [3].


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