It is often said that our minds and eyes do play tricks on us – but sometimes it is just the perception. The first thing you notice in an image says a lot about who you are.

As an individual, there are things that you do not know about yourself – the things you see first in an image can help you discover these things in you. There are many facets to a person; your makeup includes conscious thoughts, choices, actions, and even subconscious.

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For people who noticed a couple first; you always take your relationships seriously, treating your partner with the utmost respect and care. You tend to give 100% of yourself and immerse yourself in your relationships. People like this tend to be clingy at times and this can be a huge negative in their relationships.


For people who noticed an explosion first, you usually panic. People like this tend to be sporadic and are cautious when trying out new things. These type of people are usually anxious and don’t deal well with stress and anxiety.


For people who noticed a woman first; you might be lonely. You might be craving attention or trying to get noticed. It may be time to look inwards to explore why you seek approval of others.

Let’s try this image


For people who noticed two men first, you tend to be altruistic in nature. People like this tend to put the interest of others before theirs and they feel the need to make sacrifices for others. This can lead to emotional burnout and other people taking advantage of you.

Water Splashing

For people who noticed water splashing first, you are usually cautious. You tend to be at alert and on the lookout for things without having to dig deeper into full details. You’re very set in your ways and resistant to change.


For people who noticed a skull first, you are spirited and enthusiastic. People like this tend to have an enthusiastic view of circumstances in life.  They always see the bright side of things and their positive nature can be surprisingly contagious!

What do you see first here?


For people who noticed a tree first, you do not pay close attention to your surroundings. They tend to not to dwell on a situation for long, rather opting to observe from a distance. When faced with a problem, they are solution focused without allowing themselves to be bogged down by the issue


For people who noticed a woman first, you are observant and tend to be quick to notice the slightest of change in detail or information. One thing about people like this is that they can over analyze some details.


For people who noticed landscape first, you tend to ignore some details. You are comfortable doing things you know and are hesitant to venture out of your norm. You tend to go with the flow.

How about here?


For those who see lips first, you are someone who takes things at face value. What do I mean by this? You are someone who wouldn’t dig deeper into the full details – instead, you’d just accept things as they are. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it just means you are risk-averse.


For those who see trees first, you would tend to look into the unknown and find a deeper meaning into life. Often times, it adds greater value to life. People like this tend to think outside of the box, searching for new ideas and always in search of knowledge.


For the set of people who noticed roots first, growth and development matters to you. Concepts like self-growth, self-discovery, and soul searching interests people like you. You love books that help you learn more about how people “tick”. People like this tend to lend a helping hand to others.

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