If you were a school teacher and your students were completely out of control what would you do? Most school teachers would give detention to the students that were misbehaving.

At Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore Maryland, teachers started telling kids who were misbehaving to sit down and meditate. This is not the approach that most people would have taken with unruly students.

Since early 2017, the primary school hasn’t had to suspend even a single student. Their new process of consequences for bad behavior is working like a charm.

This elementary school switched its focus from punishing misbehaved students with detention to sitting them down for meditation.

The school created a room called the ‘Mindful Moment Room’. If children misbehave they get send to this room to meditate and reflect on their actions. The older practices of being sent to stand outside the classroom or go and see the principal have been scrapped.

The school has seen a great benefit in student behavior since they started running this program. The Robert W. Coleman Elementary School hasn’t suspended a single student in 2017 or 2018!

Another school in the area called Patterson Park High School was impressed by the results and started a mindfulness program of their own. They have reported that their suspension rates have dropped and attendance has increased. The children here are glad to come to school!

The benefits of mindfulness and connecting within in today’s world of distraction and stress is something is increasingly advocated by experts. A 2016 documentary by the name of Innsaei covers people across the globe turning inward for answers and understanding.

Many have recognized that there is a global epidemic of childhood aggression, anxiety and depression. The Goldie Hawn Foundation created MindUP.org in 2003 to give children the tools they need to manage stress and regulate their emotions.

We hope that all schools can implement these new method of mindfulness. The consequences for misbehaving should be to meditate and reflect rather than serve out a detention period!

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