When asked about our age, the first thing that comes to mind is our chronological age. Pretty straightforward. But do you know there is actually more than one way to answer that question? In fact, there are three types of age- chronological, mental and biological [1].

Chronological age refers to the number of years you’ve been alive, mental age refers to how old your brain feels while biological age refers to how old your body feels, however, of all three types of ages, mental age is harder to pinpoint [2].

Not to worry, this quick visual test to help you figure out how old your brain really is.

Let’s Get Started

All you have to do is take a look at the pictures, choose an answer and add up all the ‘years’. Easy, right?

1. Is this photo black and white?

  • No (10)
  • Yes (0)

2. Which color is dominant here?

  • Amber (5)
  • Pink (2)
  • Purple (3)
  • Yellow (1)
  • Blue (4)

3. Which color is dominant here?

  • A – (8)
  • B – (10)
  • C – (2)
  • D – (4)
  • E – (6)

4. What direction is the woman looking?

  • Right at you – (5)
  • To her right – (0)

5. Where are your eyes drawn first?

  • Black (1)
  • Reddish-Orange (4)
  • Peach (6)
  • Light Blue (8)
  • Navy blue (10)
  • A – (3)
  • B – (2)
  • C – (4)
  • D – (1)
  • A – (2)
  • B – (4)
  • C – (5)
  • D – (1)
  • E – (6)
  • F – (3)

How Old Are You
Now that you’ve taken the test, add up all the years you got and check the result below [3]

8-15 points
If you got 15 points or less, your mental age is 20-year-old and under. You are a carefree teenager regardless of the year you were born.

16-24 points
If you got 16 to 24 points, your mental age is 21-29 years old. You are getting into life and gradually finding stability, but you are still creative, active and full of life.

25-34 points
If you got 25-34 points, your mental age is 30- 40 years old. You will choose a civilized dinner over a wild out night. Although you understand the true meaning of responsibility, you are still active and curious about new things.

35-44 points
If you got 35 to 44 points, your mental age is 41-50 years old. You are mature and experienced. You know how to live your own life and you are not caught up with trivial things that trouble the average person.

45-50 points
If you got 45- 50 points, your mental age is 50-years-old and over. On the inside, you are wise and old and love to share wisdom with the people around you. You also know how to appreciate the finer things in life, like your books, bed and food.


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