Even though we believe that every amazing bear story should begin with an equally good bear joke, the following story of how a guy found a whole family of bears in his car isn’t a joke.

Before we begin, how do you catch a fish without a fishing rod? With your BEAR hands [1]. Get it? Now that we’ve gotten the bear joke out of the way, its time to go to the main story. Here’s something you don’t see every day. While vacationing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Chad Morris found a whole family of bears in his car having a merry time playing with its contents.

Scary or just weird
When Chad heard his parents screaming for him to come outside to where his car was parked, the last thing on his mind was the possibility of being carjacked by a family of inexperienced bears. However, when he arrived at the parking lot, he came face-to-face with a mama bear, who was watching her three cubs who were having the time of their lives playing inside of his car parked which was parked nearby [2].

Surprised Man Finds Three Bear Cubs Playing Inside His Car

As the momma bear lurked nearby, the cubs went on to have a fun time playing around inside Chad’s car leaning out the car’s windows, playing in the driver’s seat, fooling around with the car’s contents and even climbing on the car roof. The bears were aware they were being watched by Chad and his parents (who were standing a safe distance away), but this didn’t seem to bother them at all.

“As soon as I saw them they were walking up to my car and the three cubs hopped in,” he said. “They saw us standing around taking pictures, but they never bothered us.” [3]. The bear cubs carried right on with their destruction of property and attempted car theft as the mamma bear watched nearby.

Bears get bored too
Finally, when they had sufficiently explored the entire car, the bear cubs got bored with their new toy when they realized that it wasn’t going anywhere and they carefully climbed out of it. However, that wasn’t the end of their exploration, the cubs immediately attempted to access the other car in the parking lot which belonged to Chad’s parents.

Surprised Man Finds Three Bear Cubs Playing Inside His Car

“After they had crawled out of the windows, two of them stood up next to my mom and dad’s car, but their windows were up,” Morris said. “After five more minutes of walking around the cars, they went back down the mountain together, off in the woods.”[3]. It turns out that it pays to put your car windows up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

Accessing the damage
When the bears had gone, Chad went over to his car to assess the damage. His car had fared surprisingly well after being used as a playhouse by three boisterous bear cubs. “They tore a chunk out of the leather on the driver’s seat by the headrest, and left scratches in a few spots on the interior,” Morris said. “One bit down into my protein shake top, and my son’s football has claw marks on it.” [3].

This isn’t the first time that bears have been caught trying out human conveniences for themselves. In May 2019, a couple in rural Tennessee caught a bear enjoying a relaxing soak in their uncovered hot tub. They remarked that the bear seemed to close his eyes in euphoria as his bear-y tension were melted away by the hot soak [4].


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