Love has inspired countless songs and works of art. Love is the foundation of our world. Healthy love looks different than the stereotypes portrayed to us in the media, and if you are fortunate enough to find it, hold on to it and nurture that connection.

Know how lucky you are to have it and thank the heavens for the gift that you have. With patience and courage, it’s possible to have a strong love that you’ve always wanted.

A Man Who Keeps His Promises

A man that you can trust, and does what he says, is worth more than gold. When his actions align with his words, you know that you have found a worthwhile partner that you can go the distance with. He should keep his promises, big and small, and be focused on doing the right thing even when it might not be the easiest thing to do. Integrity is a core value that you should look for in your potential partner.

Someone Not Afraid to Miss You

When he tells you he misses you and shows you, it demonstrates that he values you and the time that you spend together. Someone who is deeply in love with you will think about you all the time, and demonstrate the way that he feels about you with his actions. With phone calls and loving notes, he lets you know that he misses you and loves spending time with you.

He Wears His Heart On His Sleeve

A guy who is soft-hearted and cares for his woman isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and will let her into his emotional world. Someone who is sweet with you, his family and even his pets has a big heart that you should be overjoyed to be a part of.

He Can Work Out Problems With You

When a man is willing to face issues head on and make changes to better them, then you know that he is the right one to be in a relationship with. Although there might be issues, he is able to apologize and move forward to a better future.

He Will Be Proud Of You

A man who loves you will love showing you off and introducing you to everyone he knows. He won’t hide your relationship, and will be happy to share memories and photos of you two together to celebrate the awesome connection that you two have.

He’ll Stand Up For You

When a man is in love and in his power, he will protect and defend the woman that he cares about. He wants her to feel safe and secure, and will go out of his way to make sure that you are comfortable. A man shouldn’t let his woman be criticized and will jump to her defense. He also knows what a treasure her heart is and will make sure not to break it.

He Makes You Feel Amazing in Every Way

A man who loves his woman will spend his time and energy to make her feel loved and cared for. He will take time to speak her love language and demonstrate it with actions and words. His love is for not just her outer beauty but also her inner beauty. A great guy helps you to feel loved, respected, emotionally fulfilled and happy.

He Proves Himself Worthy of Your Love

He wants to be the king of your heart and will do everything he can to show his worth. Whether that means starting a career or changing bad habits, a man who loves you values your opinion and will grow to be a better man for your sake and his.


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