Allegra Cole is a mom of four who has launched her own business to try to help women achieve their dream body. She started a company called BoobJobs4Moms, which helps women to crowdfund money in order to get plastic surgery procedures that they’d like.

The founder has had four breast augmentations, two Brazilian bum lifts, and one tummy tuck. She customized her surgery with the help of an experienced surgeon, and is now looking to help women all over the world achieve their dream body.

Allegra says the idea was born when she crowdfunded her second breast augmentation. This grew into an idea where she is helping to connect people from all over the world in body positive dialogue. Many women are interested in plastic surgery, but see approval or finances as a barrier to getting surgery.

She said about the former company “”The major drawback for me in the system I used to get my implants was that they gouged each woman for the funds they had raised. The company was also being unscrupulous with those funds and were eventually shut down completely.”

The website works on the premise that a model shares her photos and her story. Then, donors will give her money to achieve her plastic surgery goals. In return, they will receive photos and other content. The proceeds go towards funding the model.

Allegra grew up Mormon in Salt Lake City, Utah. As she told Buzzfeed, “I saw how much stress it took out of getting implants and I realized many women would get plastic surgery if the expense was taken care of – it would be a no-brainer.

“I realized there was a need for something like this many years ago when I would talk to my girlfriends that already had boob jobs. Every single one admitted they would have gone bigger. Not one woman ever said to me, ‘Gosh I just went too big’.”[2]

She currently is a mother, model, sex therapist, consultant and wife. Her Instagram account has amassed more than 80,000 followers. Allegra says that her goal is to help women glow up and be the best possible version of themselves.

Her production company, ACole Industries, sells Youtube videos, spoofs, and sexy content that models use to boost their portfolio and build their image.

She says that being able to help women with their self confidence gives her inspiration for her business.

On her personal website, she writes, “I want other women to be able to feel liberation from their bodies and be able to get their groove back like I did.”

“I see the looks on women’s faces all the time just when I give them makeovers. The look in their eyes of truly feeling beautiful and confident again is so priceless.

“I can only imagine how grateful they will feel when their boobs are the size they want them to be, their tummy is tucked (or sucked in) the way they want it to be, and their booty is plumped and brought back to bubbly perfection.”


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