Millennials aren’t really that old, but we can’t help the ancient feeling we get in the midst of Generation Z firecrackers [1]. People born between 1981 and 1996, Generation Y, are regarded as millennials. That typically means that as of 2019, the oldest members are 38 years of age.

Recently, on social media, a lot are admitting to feeling 38 million years old. Generation Z members, born between 1997 and 2015, can’t relate to a lot of items their predecessors knew and used ‘back in the day’.

While Generation X and the baby boomers (typically oldies born from the 40s to the late 70s) think the millennials are a delinquent, undisciplined, and rascally bunch, the millennials don’t have the time anymore to accuse them of being the reason for their difficult childhood years anymore. We now have a new set of people to transfer our aggression to. Generation Z has everything super easy. They are getting to grow up with all kinds of advanced technological gadgets, machines, and devices, so much that they don’t even have to break a sweet to do a lot of things.

I wish I had been born in the year 2005

While millennials suffered with Polaroid cameras, ridiculous circle-eared alarm clocks, radio cassette players, 3MB floppy disks (I can’t believe this misery even existed), antenna-wired monstrosities as cell phones, RGB cables, and Word Perfect, Generation Z babies get to have digital cameras, sweetly beeping digital alarms, smartphones, Plasma TVs, Word 2016, and external hard drives running into terabytes of storage capacity.

Millennials are all grown up, but not old enough to not have a use for these luxuries anymore. We are enjoying them now, but we are still jealous we didn’t get to sue them as kids.

Imagine the feeling you’d get when you buckle your ten-year-old into an old manual car and they don’t know what the winding handle is used for. In an era of video games and Xboxes, 90% of them won’t even know what Game Boy is. It’s okay to feel old, Millennials. You ARE old.

My 11-year-old niece saw an old video player in the attic and assumed it to be a jewelry box. I gave up at that moment and moved on with my life. I’ve resolved to rock my old age like there’s no tomorrow.

Millennials on Twitter decided to go down memory lane by sharing pictures of some of these obsolete items and objects [2]. A lot of them are amazed that the younger generation has absolutely no clue what any of those things are. Times have really changed so much. Here’s an activity for the Gen. Y people. If you’ve got a member of Gen. Z around, call them up to your device and let them try to identify each of the pictures below. If they don’t identify at least three correctly, welcome to the Old People’s club. Here we go!   

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