If there’s really no place like home, then home should be the most relaxing and comforting place a person has to go to. Home can be a palatial glass mansion on an exotic island, a simple cottage in a sleepy county, or a cardboard box on the corner of a busy street. Anywhere a person feels most comfortable and completely at peace, is home.

If your home is filled with negative energy and unwanted presences, you’re bound to hate it at some point, if not all the time. Negative vibes come from human emotions and feelings, and they can cause problems for your health and emotional wellbeing [1].

Negative energy causes the inhabitants of a home to feel irritated and unhappy. Everyone (even your pets) is constantly moody, distressed or depressed. Self-esteems will drop low and tensions will rise to a nearly palpable state. Sometimes, you may walk into your own home and feel a warm surge of bad energy, almost like as if it has materialized into a boulder.

Arguing, yelling, shouting, crying, emotional speeches, fighting, and violence are some of the things that cause negative vibes to take root in a home.

A simple method for detecting bad vibes in your home

Detecting negative energy doesn’t have to an advanced and complicated task. Actually, it can be done in a pretty simple step. A lot of people believe the only accurate methods for detecting these energies is using an aura scanner or some sort of technological device. While these are all good and variably trustworthy, there’s are natural ways to detect and trap negative energies in your home.

One of them is simply leaving a glass of water mixed with vinegar and salt to sit for 24 hours. This may seem absurd and unrealistic, but it actually works.

A study conducted by a molecular research team at the University of Michigan shows that objects around the house can retain both positive and negative energies. If the energy is positive, the home blooms and flourishes in good health and happiness. If the vibes are negative, the home will certainly have a lot of problems.

This phenomenon was also explained by a Japanese author and Doctor of Alternative Medicine, the late Dr. Masaru Emoto [2]. He spent most of his life authoring several works on the effect of human energies on the molecular structure of water. He carried out several experiments and studies to prove that these energies leave residues in the home. In one of his interviews, he explained that human emotional energies and vibrations can change the physical structure of water. Positive energies would result in the formation of visually “pleasing” crystals in water, while negative energies will form “ugly” frozen crystals [3].

Having a heated argument with your spouse or yelling at your kids and pets can cause negative energy to settle in your home. It doesn’t just settle in the air, it resides in inanimate objects around your house. It’s always better to try to keep voices and tempers low and neutral in your home.

Negative energy water trap

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A clean water glass
  • 16 ounces of clean water
  • 2 tables spoon granulated sea salt
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar


Add the salt and vinegar to the water and stir gently until all the crystals are dissolved. Allow the solution to sit still for 24 hours. The glass should be kept in a position where a lot of activity goes on in that particular room. After 24 hours, check to see if the salt is rising in the glass. When the rising stops, it means you’ve completely cleansed that space. You can proceed to the next room [4].

The best way to keep negative away from your home is to fill it with positive vibes. Positive energy creates no room for negativity and antagonism in the home. It helps to improve the health and general wellbeing of the entire family [5].


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