I don’t blame them, actually. Since the Homo sapiens are mean beings who go about harming the earth and wasting its natural resources, those who think they should be allowed to go into extinction should be given free cups of beer… only that they don’t know they ARE the homo sapiens. This is both amusing and upsetting, really.

ABC’s show host and comedian, Jimmy Kimmel had his crew go out into the streets of L.A on an interactive session, and the interviews they shared with the world were out of this world [1].

Let the Homo sapiens die

This segment followed the release of a terrifying report published by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which warned the public about the rapidly accelerating extinction rates [2]. The report was a detailed research paper compiled by 145 scientists over a period of three years, which shows the high extinction rates of hundreds of species all over the world. Major cause: Human activity. Deforestation, industrialization, poaching, pollution, and countless other careless human activities that could actually be controlled are resulting in the extinction of hundreds of natural species.

My heart broke especially over the Pinta Giant tortoise, over-hunted into extinction.

 Jimmy’s segment last week put a little twist to the extinction alarm, and it turned out to be an embarrassment to the American educational system.

Jimmy’s crew usually heads into the streets and throws ridiculous questions at random people to extract the most hilarious answers ever. Last week, they hit the streets of L.A and posed this simple one to people of all ages who were willing to grant interviews. Since the rapid extinction of natural species is a big issue in the environmental community today, “Are the Homo sapiens worth saving?”

I literally passed out when a young lady said: “It’s not the fact that I don’t like Homo sapiens. It’s just that we have always lived without them, so we don’t know anything at all…”

When asked if she’d ever seen a homo sapiens before, an elderly lady said: “You don’t wanna know… Yeah, I saw one once. At the zoo. Furry, big, gorilla-looking… He was picking his botcha-dillie.”

I didn’t know how to react when the cute grandma with the blonde hair and loving eyes held up a placard that read: “Let the Homo sapiens die.” She actually said, “Let ‘em die. Save the humans.

This segment is leaving teachers, parents, guardians, and educators all around the world with a major charge: Ensure that kids under your watch are receiving a quality education. The answer to the question is a fact which anyone who received a comprehensive education, according to the dictates of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, should know. Homo sapiens is the biological name for man, the species to which modern human beings belong. All the people in the video have no idea that they ARE Homo sapiens.


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