In 2017, the Chinese government openly acknowledged the fact that they’d truly been harvesting organs from prisoners without their consent [1]. They insisted that this practice was more rampant in the 90s and early 2000s, and it was completely stopped since a ban was placed on it in January 2015. They also stated that organ transplants in China are only effected from voluntary donors.

Arising evidence suggests that the practice is still thriving heavily in Chinese hospitals [2]. The people at the receiving end of this practice are mostly practitioners of the Falun Gong, a peaceful, spiritual, and religious group that imbibe meditation and other exercises with moral philosophy. The Falun Gong is despised by the Chinese government and has been persecuted for as long as can be remembered. 

The Falun Gong, with its estimated 70 million members, is the second-largest faith community in the country. They are a peaceful people who have been ruled off as a dangerous cult by the government. The Falun Gong engaging in healthy practices such as qigong exercises and holistic living.

Speaking to IFLScience, Sarah Cook, Senior Research Analyst for East Asia at Freedom House said [3]: “They are a vilified group and they are known for having a very good health profile. Even the Chinese government admits that,” said Cook. “They don’t smoke, they don’t drink, and they exercise a lot. It’s a readily available prisoner population that’s been vilified and they have a relatively healthy profile, so it’s opportunistic.”

The Falun Gong are arrested and executed at the will of the government without probable cause. They are treated and hunted like lab rats and victimized with no restraint.

Testimonies from witnesses

In 2006, Hon. David Kilgour, a former Canadian SSG, and David Matas ran their first private investigation into the issue of illegal organ harvesting in China [4]. An ex-wife of a Chinese surgeon testified to the fact that her ex-husband actually removed 2,000 corneas from executed Falun Gong prisoners. She also gave full insights into the unspeakable horrors that were meted out to these unfortunate souls.

“Usually these Falun Gong practitioners were injected with a shot to cause heart failure,” she explained. “During the process, these people would be pushed into operating rooms to have their organs removed. On the surface, the heart stopped beating, but the brain was still functioning, because of that shot. These people were [then] pushed to other operation rooms for removals of heart, liver, kidneys… After their kidneys, liver, and skin were removed, there were only bones and flesh left. The bodies were thrown into the boiler room at the hospital.”

They would literally strip the prisoners of every organ in their bodies, down to the barest strips of skin, and all these would be done against their will.

A former prisoner who was able to effect his release without being harvested, Chen Ying, narrated his experience on a Falun Gong blog [5]. The Falun Gong practitioner who was illegally arrested said they underwent a lot of blood tests and screenings in the prison, which had nothing to do with their current states of health. Most likely, the scientists wanted to obtain information on their blood types and know which patients to match their organs to.

“I was illegally detained three times and was forced to submit to a physical exam each time,” Chen said. “I didn’t understand why we had to have physicals done. The guard’s answer was, ’It’s a routine process. The way they conducted the exam made me feel that they were not doing it out of consideration for my health but instead, they wanted to get something specific from the results.”

Digging deeper into the shrouded mystery

The Chinese government has been found by various private investigations to be guilty of falsifying transplant figures. The medical system is extremely secretive, giving out only select information and falsifying a good number of these. Based on a 2016 report by Kilgour, Guttmann, and Matas, the researchers noted that “the transplant volume is substantially higher than the official figure.” Many transplant centers around the country would release any figures they deem fit on their official website as annual transplant counts. Upon digging deeper, it would be discovered that these figures are much lower than what they actually are.

Sarah Cook said that when considered from a different perspective, the Chinese government will still be found guilty of the allegations.

“The Chinese government claims they do around 10,000 each year, let’s say, but that seems very unrealistic when you look at factors like bed capacities of hospitals and the amount of resources they put into transplants,” she explained. “That ‘official’ quota can essentially be met by a couple of hospitals, and there are over 200 hospitals doing transplants. When you look at self-reporting on a local level and individual hospitals saying how many transplants they did, you get an estimate in the 60,000 to 100,000 range.”

Getting transplants in China is literally a breeze nowadays. Normally, in other countries, there would be a waiting list on which a person could hang on for months and even years on end. In China, within days and weeks, you can get any kind of transplant you need upon demand.

Only a few of these are effected from unwilling donors. The rest of the organs are largely gotten form unwilling practitioners of Falun Gong, the Muslim Uyghurs, and Tibetan Buddhists.

Illegal organ harvesting is one of the most brutal crimes against humanity and should be advocated against for as long as the human race stands.


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