Imagine returning home to find out that someone had broken into your home, but instead of stealing, the intruder had cleaned up the house. Unbelievable, right?

When Nate Roman, 44, of Marlborough, Massachusetts, left his home that morning, he didn’t envision that when he got back, his house would be in a better state than when he left it. Alerted by his 5-year-old son who noticed that the back door was open, Roman cautiously entered his Marlboro home and found a weird surprise. Every room – except the kitchen – had been cleaned from top to bottom [1].

Roman tells CBS Boston:
It was terrifying to know someone was in your house. They scrubbed everything down. They did the shower, did the toilets.
Worried that someone was in the house, Roman called the police who told him to ‘get out of the house.’

He says:
Nothing had been taken, nothing. Other than just being rearranged and cleaned and put away, put straight, that was the biggest thing.”

No Leads So Far

The Marlborough Police Department confirmed that officers were taking the case seriously, however, they currently have no leads or suspects.

House-Cleaning Service Gone Wrong?

Roman believes someone working for a house-cleaning service may have got the wrong address and gone to the wrong house. He believes this may be the case simply because of the toilet paper adorned with a neatly folded origami rose.

“It was really the roses that really got me thinking that some professional cleaner had accidentally stumbled into my house,” Roman says. “If I was going to judge the quality of a toilet paper rose I would call this high quality,” he says

Sounds plausible! I mean, what kind of intruder takes time to burgle a house without taking anything? Well, some might. But no burglar would take time out to sculpt an origami rose after cleaning the entire house.

Taking No Chances

Regardless, Roman isn’t taking any chances and so has changed all the locks to his home. He said that the incidence was a reminder to double-check that his doors are locked [2].

Creepy Yet Interesting

While this may look creepy, who wouldn’t be a bit shaken if they come home to find out their house had been tidied by a home intruder, I’m sure many parents wouldn’t mind a surprise visit from this weirdly helpful criminal.


On the bright side, Roman says his son’s room was in great shape, along with the toilets.

“I will say the bathrooms were very well done, my son’s room has never looked better, it is now back to its original state,” he tells CBS Boston.


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