First time parents are often very excited about the arrival of their bundle of joy. They do the best they can to prepare, by reading baby books, talking to parents, and buying plenty of supplies.

However, nothing but experience can prepare parents for the arrival of their newborn.

As new parents, there are moments that surprise you, make you laugh and make you cry. The birth of a new life and carefully nurturing it into adulthood is an amazing experience that takes more than you ever thought possible.

Comedian and actress Laura Clearly and her husband Steven Hilton recently welcomed a new baby boy into the world. They named their child Alfie Sound Hilton

On April 20, 2019 they shared the news of the birth. Laura is an internet star, who rose to fame with her web series called Help Helen Smash.

Now, her videos are taking on the day to day challenges that arise with taking care of a baby.

The couple married in 2012 and entertain fans with their videos. [1] One of their latest videos, called Life with a Newborn, show in a humorous way many of the day to day funny things that can happen as a first-time parent.

The universal topic of parenthood is something that many viewers connect with. Laura and Steven present the baffling aspects of parenthood in a hilarious and relatable way.

Their choice of outfits in the video is spot on. Dad carrying the diaper bag, baby carrier and still forgetting the changing pad is a great jab at how many accessories a new parent needs. For most of the video, Laura has a robe and a messy bun. At the doctor’s office, she has coiffed hair, but asks questions by imitating the baby’s cries and asking what each one means.

Many new parents will tell you that you will learn what each cry means, and that they all mean different things. It is funny to see a new parent trying to figure it out.

The clip includes some blissful moments of wonder that many parents experience when they are looking at their child. They catch his frowns, his snoring and even his feet. The new parents just can’t get enough of their precious child, and this is shown in the opening lines of the video, “How on Earth did you come out of my vagina?”

There is plenty of references to the body and its fluids. Laura jokes about needing an ice pack for her vagina while breastfeeding the baby.

The couple also jokes about pooping. As a parent of a newborn, you will be amazed how much of your time is spent monitoring poop, and changing diapers. It’s just part of the territory when you are taking care of a brand new baby [2].

They cover many aspects of new parenting, including the sleep deprivation and exhaustion that can accompany it. Check out the clip let us know what you think.


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