Do you sometimes feel like you would benefit from knowing more about yourself? Well, a simple “Cube test” could be all you need to uncover all facets of your personality or at least some parts you’re not currently aware of. The cube test is actually a game which was designed by Japanese psychologists to help reveal the parts of your personality that may be hidden to you [1].

The cube test was first introduced as a part of Kokology, a bestselling Japanese book which contains a series of games that use proven psychological principles to reveal your less obvious attitudes towards sex, love, work, family, and life in general. This book analyzes the human psyche using theories from Freud and Jung; Kokology literally means one’s “mind” or “spirit”. It was created by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, a professor at Rissho and Waseda Universities in Japan [2].

Kokology was published in Japan in 1998 and instantly became a Japanese bestselling book, so much so that they were immediately translated into English and became available in the United States in 2000.

The cube test
The cube test is essentially a game of self-discovery that provides interesting, and often hilarious insight by analyzing answers to seemingly innocent questions. It is designed to explore one’s beliefs, attitudes, and self-knowledge. It is usually played by two people, the narrator, and the interpreter. During the game, the narrator asks the interpreter to imagine and describe a set of three to five objects. When done, these roles are usually reversed so both parties have a reading. A player’s personality traits are judges depending on the way they narrate their experiences during the cube game.

There are several variations of the game available today but most of them begin by asking the interpreter to imagine a room (or desert) scene. When they’re done, the next step involves asking the person to place a cube in the scene and describe any changes this may have caused. The narrator then asks the interpreter to place (and describe) a ladder that is also added to the scene. This process continues to include a flower, a horse, and finally, a storm. When done, the narrator should have a better picture of the scene described as they assist in interpreting the scene.

Is the cube test an effective one or a hoax
With so many totally inaccurate tests like this one flying around the internet, it is almost impossible to say of the cube test is a true test of a person’s true personality as it claims or not [3]. However, judging by the credentials of its creators, especially Isamu Saito who is a well-known author of a number of bestselling books on relationships and psychology. it’s safe to say that the cube test is not totally a hoax.

You can take the test yourself along with a friend, who can fill in as your narrator, and see if you can learn a little bit more about yourself.


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