They say your first impression is your last impression. The impression you leave is important for your career and success. This article aims to explore how impressions are formed, and how to leave positive impressions wherever you go!

There are a few trends in the way people perceive each other. They weigh negative information about others higher than positive information. They value unusual information more than mundane data about others. The information that they get first about someone else is perceived to be more valuable than information that comes in later.

It turns out that first impressions are important! First impressions end up being strong and persistent. They may be adjusted later but that ends up taking a lot of extra time and effort. People judge others really quickly and aren’t inclined to change their judgements easily.

Studies have found that a person who is well kept and properly dressed is likely to leave a better impression than if they appear messy. People have also found that polite people who compliment others are also likely to leave a much more positive first impression.

So if you’d like to create a good impression on someone you’re meeting for the first time remember to dress well and be polite!

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