Creativity isn’t always about designing a new invention right from scratch. Sometimes, true creativity lies in taking an old, abandoned, and unwanted thing and turning it into something truly enviable.

A lot of people would go on vacation expecting to spend up to 3 months having nothing but pure fun, but it’s common to find yourself wanting to go home after two weeks. Despite having an awesome time, there’s really no place like home. A street corner, a cardboard box, a condo, a one-story house, a palatial mansion; anywhere that truly feels like home, is home.

38-year-old Martin Hill and 27-year-old Iona Stewart, in my opinion, are two of the most creative minds the United Kingdom has seen in recent years. Yes, I give them that.

It doesn’t exactly matter what mood you’re in when an idea pops into your head. After having one too many beers, Martin suggested that since they spend basically all their time traveling and touring the continent, they should make a movable home for themselves. This way, they wouldn’t miss any pillows or beds while they’re away because everything is coming with them [1].

eBay set the idea into motion. The couple went on the website and purchased a battered, dirty yellow truck for £3,000, which is approximately $4,670. The entire truck offers just a 28-foot living space, and since they are not having kids yet, the couple is more than comfortable with it.

$26,000 worth of renovation

That’s a lot of money, but since this couple doesn’t have to worry about cash flow or work for it anymore, why not? The thrill-seeking couple sold Martin’s home and bar in Nottingham, and all they are up to now is touring Europe on exciting adventures. They are snow lovers, so skiing and snowboarding are definitely on top of their priority list.

“We are really lucky to not have to work and we did everything ourselves,” Martin said. “It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it.”

It took the couple four months from the time of purchase to turn the truck into the ultra-modern home it is now [2]. The walls were all paneled with varnished plywood of pale white and sandy colors. They installed a fridge with a small shelf around it.

As expected, the kitchen is tiny, but it’s fully functional and has all the equipment they could need, including a nice oven and a solid stove. There are storage units and cupboards tucked into the walls.

The living room is adorable and inviting with two cozy black sofas, a warm-brown wooden table, and lovely art pieces here and there. They also have a small furnace in this space, giving the room a homier look.

The bedroom is extremely lovely, simple, and cozy with more space than the mind could dare to imagine. It has a built-in wardrobe and more hidden storage units to maximize space. A two-step wooden staircase leads up to the bedroom from the living room.

The bathroom and toilet are separated by a sliding door. Despite not having a tub, the bathroom is cozy and cute. They have storage baskets on the upper section of the walls to store their essentials.

They even gave the outside of the truck a brand new look, painting it a soothing grey color to hide the hideous chapped yellow it came with.

They are happy and excited about their creation

Iona brilliantly designed the interior of the house, while Martin did almost all the hard labor. They enjoyed working on their own and they didn’t exactly use any external help.

 Now, they don’t have to worry about finding someone to take their mail while they are away. Paying mortgage is history to them, and best of all, even when they are away, they are at home.


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