Your personality simply connotes your pattern of thoughts, reasoning, social adjustments and a consistent train of behavioral traits that define a person values and expectations. My favorite definition of personality is Walter Mischel’s (1999), which read [1]: “The distinctive patterns of behavior (including thoughts and well as ‘affects,’ that is, feelings, and emotions and actions) that characterize each individual enduringly.” I like to think of it as, “What makes me… me?”

For most people, the most popular personality indicator test is the Myers-Briggs test, which uses a set of simple questions to categorize every human being into 16 different personality groups. Several other tests are in existence as well, some more complex than the other others.

Fortune tellers and palmists aren’t left out. They are believed to be able to detect aspects of a person’s personality by reading the lines on the palms of their hands and looking deep into their eyes.

Your opinion on a simple picture can give full insights into your personality type. Some pictures can have one or more images merged together in visual harmony. The eyes usually detect one image at a time. You may see the foremost image first, or the most deeply-contorted one. The first thing you see can say a lot about your personality.

Did you see the cats in love or the dog first?

The image above will show you two scenarios [2]. Two cats inclined to their left or right sides with a heart shape levitating between them, and their tails joined together at the tips.

The overall picture is a dog, one of the breeds with droopy ears.

If you saw one cat or both at first, then you are a critical thinker. You are an independent individual with a mind attuned to working very quickly. You like to fly solo and you enjoy your alone time very much. If there must be people around you, then they’ll be very carefully selected.

You are a serious person who takes even the simplest tasks to be a big deal. You are innovative, creative and industrious. Tough problems excite you, and difficult tasks are usually a breeze for you.

You may be perceived as obstinate and starchy by the people around you.

If you saw the dog first, then you are a jovial person who likes to have fun and be in the company of those who matter. You are an extrovert who loves to socialize and you have a lot of friends. People like to hang out with you because you are fun to be with.

They can discuss the most sensitive and embarrassing topics with you because even though you are an extrovert, they know you’ll never share their secrets with anyone else.

You are smart and humble, and people appreciate that.

So, what did you see first? Did it correctly predict your personality? Let us know down below in the comment section.


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