And who said nature isn’t extremely intelligent? There was a reason why all those tiny little birds were perched at those lines right at that moment and right on those exact spots. Someone somewhere would be inspired by the sight, and now the world has been blessed with one of the most amazing sounds ever. And just like Weightless created by the Marconi Union in 2012, I have a feeling this song would go through a series of psychological tests and be deemed an anxiety-reducing sound. I felt a deep sense of peace upon listening to it, as though I was in a dream where everything was perfect.

Birds on a wire

The song, Birds on a wire was created by Brazilian artist and creative director, Jarbas Agnelli, who had only been reading a newspaper when he saw the photo of birds perched on five electricity distribution wires [1]. They reminded him of notes on a musical scale. Just as any innovative person would feel, he was curious to hear the sound it could create.

“I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating,” he said in an interview.

The original photographer of the picture had been Paulo Pinto, who had published it in a Brazilian newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo”, in 2009. Agnelli sent the sound to Pinto, who sent it to one of the reporters for the newspaper, and Agnelli was granted an interview which was later published in the paper.

He went on to win the first YouTube Play Guggenheim Biennial Festival in 2010 after his song selected as the best out of 23,000 videos from across 91 countries. 

Along with a band of musicians from the Julliard School and the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Agnelli performed his viral song at Guggenheim Museum, captivating the audience with the smooth flow and gentle rhythm of the beautiful sound. He’s also performed at TEDx talks (TEDxSP and TEDxRio+20) and several other conferences and concerts around the world.

The song was released as a single in the year 2012, and the soothing effect hasn’t died down one bit ever since.

More about Agnelli

A 5-time winner of Profissionais do Ano, the most prestigious Brazilian Creativity awards, Agnelli is an artist who expresses himself through photography, filmmaking, music, and illustration [2]. He started out as an illustrator and an art director for Brazilian agencies and went to become the CEO of AD studio, his own production house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The decision to start his own production house came after he won several Brazilian awards under MTV, and he’s directed more than 450 video pieces since the 11-year start-up.

He’s currently a part of the pop/electronica duo, Vertikkal, with his first son Gabriel. Agnelli has built an outstanding career in creative arts, and he’s not backing down anytime soon.


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