One of the most important lessons we get to learn as human beings is that success is not guaranteed. This is especially true for women who have to continually prove themselves to their male counterparts and content with ‘metaphorical’ glass ceilings. In an inspirational post published on Love What Matters, Amy Weatherly talks about the strength of a woman despite all the troubles she faces in life and her ability to grow with help from true friends and well-wishers.

Your past defines you

Behind every successful woman is a past; most likely a difficult one filled with ups and downs promised, disappointments, failures, and prejudices. One that she had to walk, trudge and claw through inch by ugly inch while being weighed down by family and responsibilities. Most times, her past succeeds in knocking her down, making her doubt her own strength and abilities but it is unable to keep her down for long as she always manages to rise up every time.

Then there is that self-doubting voice she has to put up with every day. The voices from her past and her present which are all in her own mind telling her that she’s not worthy, that she’ll never make it, that she’ll never be enough. Behind every successful woman are eyes, watching her every move, waiting, judging and hoping that she fails. Eyes watching as she makes mistakes and fails over again, eyes which are set on copying her every move even as they criticize her, hoping to bring her down to their level.

We are here to tell you that it doesn’t matter where you started from or how many times you’ve failed, your success remains in your ability to keep on moving. Success is not defined by the amount of money one has, but rather by how far one has come from where they started in life. This journey often includes a long list of failures and probably a fairly long list of moments when we fall flat on our face and have to face the reality that we have come up short.

Love helps you up every time

Successful women are driven by their passion, dreams, and determination to continue despite all odds. However, one’s passion or drive to success is not always enough; sometimes it is also necessary to have our very own cheerleaders who pick us up when we fall down and support us even when we’re at our worst. According to Weatherly, “behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who support her and love her and push her to be her absolute best but stick by her even when she’s at her absolute worst.”[1].

Your success often depends on your tribe, the friends you have around you. If your tribe consists of women who choose to compete instead of supporting and encouraging you, you won’t go far in life. Having friends who prefer to take the higher, better road of collaboration, eschewing jealousy, gossip, and undeserving competition, will have you back no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Faith keeps you going

Behind every successful woman is her faith in God who knows the plans He has for her and what He wants her to achieve. A God who loved her before she was even born and deserves her praise and worship. Her faith keeps her going when everything else fails and helps her achieve success when nothing else can.

Here is to those who keep on fighting for a better future. Here’s to successful women all over the world. May your light shine bright and never fade out.


  1. Behind every successful woman is a tribe. A tribe of women who could choose to compete, but take the higher road of collaboration instead“, Love What Matters.
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