We all react differently to alcohol; after knocking back a few, some people get extra cheerful while others get cranky or become depressed; some doze off in awkward positions while others get lost, waking up the next morning with no pants on. However, the best drunken adventure stories seem to come from folks who totally lose their cool and become lead characters in bar legends.

It looks like there is a new entry for the title of the most bizarre drunken night ever from Australia, where a wild pig invaded a camp and drank all their beer. It got drunk and immediately became mean spirited and ill-mannered to all around to the point of starting a fight with a barnyard cow [1]. You read that right, but that’s not even the surprising part, as this seems to be something of a norm with wild pigs in Australia.

Pigs like beer too
It all started when a group of campers at Australia’s Port Hedland forgot to secure their supply of beer, three six-can worth to be precise, before turning in for the night. However, all was not as still in the world as they thought as the campsite owners had been warned earlier that day that an errant pig has been observed running around and getting into people’s belongings the past few nights [2]. The pig in question decided to visit their camp for some late-night foraging and stumbled upon their stash.

The pig (who has been given the nickname “Swino,” ever since the incident) decided to help himself and ended up drinking it all, creating a ruckus which alerted the campers in the process. According to eyewitness reports, “It was in the middle of the night, and it was these people opposite of us and I heard this crunching of the can, and they got their torch out and shined it on the pig and there he was, crunching away at their cans.”

Unruly drunk
By the time Swino was finally scared away, he had managed to go through 18 cans of beer. Swino’s next port of call was the garbage bins where he began ransacking for a late-night snack. The rest of his activities that night is put together from eyewitness reports and it tells a sordid tale. As would be expected, Swino soon started exhibiting the characteristic loutish behavior and bad manners of a drunk and even went as far as starting a fight with a nearby cow.

As weird as this may sound, a female eyewitness named Merida swears this really happened. She reports, “Then he went and raided their rubbish. There were some other people camped right on the edge of the river, and they saw him (Swino) running around their vehicle being chased by a cow.” [3]. After all the excitement Swino allegedly passed out drunk under a tree at the river bank where some curious campers still found him the next morning.

Not a happy ending
Unfortunately, all did not end well for Swino who got hit by a vehicle while trying to cross the road a few hours later. He was found close to the campsite where he had created havoc the previous night and was identified by the unique markings he had on his ears. Let’s take a moment to mourn dear Swino, he lived his last day well enough; took his last drink, ate his last meal, had his last fight, and died a glorious death.


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