Body shaming is a widespread practice. We see it every day. From snide ‘observations’ about your bulging stomach to funny names like ‘fatso’ or ‘skinnybone’, these comments, sometimes, culminates into insecurities and self-hate [1].

As social media continues to play an important role in the life of young women, it’s influence on the perception of beauty and body image also increases. Thankfully, Instagram user, Nude yoga girl, is one of those who have refused who have refused to succumb to this ‘ideal’ of female beauty. She’s found and accepted herself, and what’s better, she’s inspiring other women to do so as well [2].

Nude Yoga
The photographer and model known as Nude Yoga Girl posts breathtaking, jaw-dropping photos of herself in difficult yoga positions – without clothes. She, however, chooses poses that are not too revealing. In her posts, she talks about her insecurities in a detailed account while sharing experiences from her journey to self-love.

Self-love and Body Confidence
At the center of her campaign is the theme of body confidence and self-love as was succinctly captioned in a post she made on her page four days ago [3].

She said:

My account is a lot about freedom. Freedom to be who we are, freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to be naturally in my own skin. Wild nature, natural human figure.
If we could see all nued bodies in a not objective and sexual way, would it be easier for us to love our own bodies? I think I was ashamed of my body in the past so much because I thought I didn’t have the freedom to be who I really am. That my body meant to others more than it meant for me – that they had the right to decide if it was good enough.
Do you feel free in your own body?”

Positive responses
This campaign which has resonated deeply with a lot of people have resulted in hundreds of yoga photos with the hashtag #NYGyoga from women sharing their experiences and stories with inspiring captions. She tells Allure how excited she was about the responses so far.

“I’ve been so surprised about how many are taking part and joining in to share the body positive message that everyone is unique and beautiful exactly the way they are,” she says. “I’ve been receiving more and more photos and stories about people’s experiences with their bodies via direct message on Instagram and people using the hashtag #NYGyoga. It’s been amazing to see that so many people are taking time to celebrate all sizes and forms of human bodies and support and inspire each other.”


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