A high school in Kentucky is teaching students basic skills to aid their transition into  ‘adulthood’.

Fern Creek High School in Louisville has added classes aimed at demystifying adulthood and ensuring high school students are equipped with basic skills for life after high school. This ‘adulting’ class is a workshop where “seniors take three days and learn basic household tasks, life skills, how insurance works, and how to save money for retirement, among other things.”

Sara Wilson-Abell, the college access resources teacher at Fern Creek High School, came up with the course and was inspired by responses from her school’s alumni after posting a call to action on her Facebook account asking for all or any ideas on what an “adulting” class should consist of.

“If you could choose one real-world concept/skill that you wish you learned in HS, what would it be?” the post read.

More than a hundred people responded to the post, with some suggesting classes on financial efficacy and mental health management. With support from the school administration, she was able to develop this workshop [1].

“I’m very lucky to work at a school where the administration supports this type of learning and allowed me to implement my program idea for our seniors,” Wilson-Abell wrote on Twitter. She has been posting updates on her social media showcasing the various activities her students have been undertaking in order to learn how to be a better grownup.


Day one of the course focused on wealth and money management. Students learned about basic banking, retirement, leases, and loans. They were able to ask financial questions about life after high school. Prizes like microwaves and mini-fridges were won [2].

On day two, celebrity chef, and Fern Creek alumnus, Getron Hurt helped judge a fun master-chef cooking competition using the food you would find in a typical dorm room. “Fern Creek is home. It’s a no-brainer,” he said. “I graduated here in 2011 and love everything that this school has to offer. Anything I can do for Fern Creek, I’ll do,”  he says.

On day three, the students took resume workshops and learned about what employers look for when hiring. Students learned how to cook healthy meals in a microwave. They also learned basic household repairs, as well as how to focus on their mental health.


Lily Farmer, one of the participants said she was surprised by the fun and interactive sessions, as she got a lot out of her last week in high school. She added that she feels better equipped for life in college [3].


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