An adorable video of a father and son having a full-on gibberish conversation has become one of the most liked videos on Twitter. In the video, father and son are lounging on the couch watching television [1].

Kingston, the baby talks in gibberish while his dad who doesn’t have a clue what his son is saying carries on with the conversation.

They need to work on that, right?” Dad asks.
Yes,” Kingston agrees.
Did you understand it, though?” Dad continues.
No,” Kingston says.

The video was put up by Shanieke Pryor, Kingston’s mother with the caption, “Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad” #TheseTwoAreAMess, #OurHouseisAlwaysFullofLaughter, #MrPersonality, #HeNeeds HisOwnShow, #KingstonJierre, and #KJP.”

Since then, it has garnered millions of likes and shares across all social media platforms as users just can’t get enough of this adorable video [2].

A Twitter user, Laila commended Dextin on understanding what his son said. She wrote:

“The dad is such a creative and sweet soul! I’ve heard it’s really important to talk to babies and have full proper conversations with them because it encourages them to speak more! And I’ve tried. It’s not easy trying to make it progress besides saying oh really? What happened?”

Baby talk and its benefits
Studies have shown that babies will pick up speaking skills more quickly if we talk to them. A Rutgers University Study found that talking to babies even when they don’t understand you will help teach the kids important properties of language they will need to know later. It will also help build a foundation for language skills.

In another study conducted by Ramírez-Esparza, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, and her colleagues Adrián García-Sierra, assistant research professor in UConn’s Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, and Patricia Kuhl, co-director of the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, it was shown that early language development isn’t actually spurred by the quality of the words, but by the style of speech and social context in which the speech occurs. According to Ramírez:

“What our study shows is that how you talk to children matters and the use of ‘parentese’ is much better at developing language than regular adult speech. It’s even better if communication occurs during one-on-one interactions.”

The study also showed that the more parents exaggerated vowels and raised the pitch of their voices, the more the babies babbled [3].

“Some parents produce baby talk naturally and they don’t even realize they’re benefiting their children. Some families are just quieter and they don’t talk as much. But our study shows that it helps to make an effort to talk to infants as much as possible. Getting engaged and having the infant talk back – or babble – is really important,” Ramírez explains.


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