Most people don’t make the most rational decisions when their marriage or relationship gets rocky. Conflicting emotions can force you to act out in unnecessary ways, sometimes causing you to make drastic decisions. Decisions you tend to regret later.

Breaking up with a good woman is one loud, jarring mistake to make. Nobody is perfect, and expecting your partner to be perfect never bodes well for any union. Problems are bound to rise up in marriages and relationships. True love isn’t about not having quarrels, fights, or arguments. It’s about resolving them and making up because you don’t want to let each other go.

When a man impatiently ends things with a good woman, he’ll most likely regret his actions later. It may not be immediate, but it’s inevitable. Here are 8 unmistakable times when he will regret letting her go [1].

1.   When he realizes she was patient with him

A point will come in man’s life when he feels he’s being judged too quickly by everyone. No one around him is cutting him any slack. All his actions seem to be castigated, criticized and rejected. That’s when he’ll realize he’d passed off a golden goblet for a plastic cup.

Patience, truly, is golden. Having someone who understands, supports and encourages you is a luxury that’s hard to come by. Losing a woman who is patient with his weaknesses and shortcomings is a sure thing to regret.

2.   When he can’t find anyone to love him as truly as you did

A woman who genuinely loves a man will leave a mark on his heart. True love is pretty damn hard to come by. True love happens when both people can be who they truly are in the relationship, open and vulnerable, without any fear of judgement.

When a man discovers that no other lover can stir his heart like her, he’s bound to spiral into a haze of regret.

3.   When a hangout with buddies doesn’t hit the spot anymore

If a man lets a good woman go because he feels his pals can fill the void, then he’s in for a big surprise. His friends can’t always be there for him. Most likely, they’ll have their own relationships to focus on. That’s when he’ll realize he misses the romantic days and nights he spent with his ex. Having fun with your friends is nice until everyone gets too busy to get together.

4.   When he realizes you both had a deep connection

Human connections don’t always have to be purely physical. People in a truly loving relationship can connect on a whole new level. You communicate without words, link your souls together and feel each other’s pain. When a man breaks it off with a woman he had something like this with, he’s bound to wish he could reverse his actions.

Being with someone who understands your personality and accepts you completely is divine. He’ll come to realize that he’s made a serious mistake.

5.   When he discovers she was the only one he could really talk to

Men don’t always get together and discuss their deep emotional problems. They talk about happy matters or technical stuff. When a man realizes that there’s no one to share his burdens with or open up to, things can get very rocky for him. He’ll definitely wish he had that calming entity in his life back. She understood him, listened to him, shared his pain, and he let her go. He’ll surely wish he hadn’t.

6.   When he sees how selfish people can be

He might end up with someone who’s just in the relationship to satisfy her selfish interests. His own wishes are not taken seriously or counted as relevant. He’ll definitely regret letting the woman who loved him with no strings attached go. The wonderful woman who was with him because she wanted to BE with him, not for any selfish reasons.

7.   When he gets involved with a gold digger

At this point, he’ll probably spend all his time wishing you’d come back to him. When a man meets someone who’s in it for the money, his self-esteem is attacked. Is the money the only thing about him that’s worth loving? He’ll come to regret letting his special woman go. The woman who didn’t want any money from him, just love, affection, and companionship.

8.   When he realizes his quality of life has depreciated

He’ll come to regret his decision when his life ends up without the luster she gave to it. He’ll miss all the love, kindness and sincerity she gave him. He’d probably start carrying out his daily activities like they’re mechanical processes. He’ll give anything to get the excitement and companionship back.

Real love isn’t about finding the perfect person. It’s about realizing that an imperfect person can make your life perfect.

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