Some women are born warriors. They are survivors, and they stand out because of the strong aura that they radiate. These women might have a smile that breaks hearts, but they are in touch with her feminine essence of love, nurturing and compassion.

Strong women are the backbone of life, and they are a source of inspiration for everyone that meets them. There are many admirable traits of strong women. This list of eight amazing traits will help you to identify these traits in yourself and the women around you

They Have Faith In Themselves

A strong woman has faith in herself, the people she loves, and God. Sometimes she has to be in her own corner, and she rises to the challenge to be capable and powerful.

She knows who she is, and she doesn’t need outside validation to support her. A strong woman knows what her goals are, and she makes her own decisions to shape her life to go in the direction that she wants to go.

A Strong Woman Respects Herself

She doesn’t seek attention through outrageous behaviors. She respects herself and her values. Having a foundation of respect for herself allows her to develop her strong qualities and succeed in everything in life that she pursues.

She knows how the environment and relationships that she entertains can shape the world around her.  

A Strong Woman Knows How To Handle Pain

Through hardships or down times, a strong woman can take the pain and transform it into something powerful. All experiences are opportunities to learn and grow. She can take painful situations and use them to improve herself and the world around her. When she takes the steps to self-empowerment, she reconceptualizes herself from a victim to the heroine of her own story. Pain can be heavy, but it can serve as an armor in the daily situations of life and can protect her in the future.

A Strong Woman Is Able To Lift People Up

A strong woman won’t bring others down. She has the power to lift people up with a smile or a kind word. She knows that it’s our responsibility to take care of each other and to help ease the suffering of other people.

She has the power to be positive and to be a steady foundation. A strong woman will listen and offer support. She is characterized by her focus on solutions instead of problems.

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Compare Herself To Others

She knows she is her own unique person. A strong woman is willing to listen to and grow with other through their journeys, but she won’t compare herself to them. In this, she is empowered in knowing she has the ability to shape her own destiny.

A strong woman knows that no one is perfect, and everyone has something special to offer.

She isn’t afraid to cry

Being able to cry and release emotion is a sign of strength. It means she is in tune with her spirit and emotions. As long as she picks herself up and is willing to heal, there is nothing that can stop her. She doesn’t give up, and through tears she can gain clarity or release.

A strong woman is compelled to forgive

Revenge” isn’t in her vocabulary. She’s willing to see everyone’s side of the situation in order to heal and build bridges. She frees her mind and spirit from low vibrations or negative energy and uses her life force to bring herself and thus the world around her up.

A strong woman will express her love. After past experiences, she will move on and learn from the lessons.

She will always tell the truth

A woman who prioritizes honesty sets herself apart in the world. She is brave and cuts through illusion to help serve her inner destiny. Being able to embrace the truth makes her powerful and fearless.


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