Introverts are deep people who do not require external stimulation or interaction. They are often misunderstood and described as reclusive, melancholic, and even snobbish, but they have very different psychological make-ups from most people [1]. They bask in their own thoughts and introspection, talking everything in silently. They are usually very reserved and calm, not acting out, not speaking up, and preferring not to be noticed [2].

Extroverted people often assume introverts to be people with low self-esteem or inferiority complex. Introverts think extroverts are basically attention-seeking lunatics. Tit for tat.

Introverts are usually loners who do not like to socialize, thus earning the wrongly-awarded title of anti-social. They are wonderful, beautiful, intelligent souls who merely love to live in their own world.

Here are 15 of the most misunderstood traits about introverts [3]:

They expect others to love as genuinely they do

Introverts don’t always give out their hearts easily because they are afraid of one-sided efforts. They want to be with people who would love them as deeply as they do, which includes romantic partners and friends. They may seem reluctant at first, but if a person proves to be worthy, the love that would pour forth from an introvert would consume them. They are usually the “over-zealous lovers” and they find it difficult being with people who can’t give as much as they are given. This is why they tend to build walls around themselves to protect their hearts.

They are loners

It’s easy to assume that introverts are shy or embarrassed to be in the company of other people. Anyone could be shy, even the almighty extroverts. Introverts are hardwired to seek solitude. They are always observing, analyzing, thinking, daydreaming, foreseeing, and they need their alone time to be the best of who they can be. This doesn’t mean they are wallflowers. They just can’t deal with social interactions. They don’t want it, and they sure as heck don’t need it.

Even with kids, they still love their alone time

An introvert who has any number of children will experience love beyond measure. They are deep lovers, and having their own kids is usually overwhelming for them. Their kids are the only ones who can make them spend a lot of time in the company of other people. They love the family time, but a leopard can’t wipe off its spots. There will always be that dominant part of them that just wants to sneak away while the kids are playing scrabble and be alone with their thoughts.

They don’t like attention seekers

Some people would go out of their way to be the center of attraction and attention in any gathering. Attention is one of those things an introvert deeply despises. They hate having to deliver speeches or grant interviews, literally avoiding anything that would cause crowds to focus on them. They dislike people who’d put up fake attitudes and tell all sorts of lies just to attract attention.

They are not judging you: they are merely observing

Introverts don’t talk much and they just prefer to watch and observe. Even while you’re talking to them, they mostly wouldn’t say a word and allow you to do most of the talking. Most people would feel the introvert is being judgmental. They don’t talk when a group conversation is going on, and they usually have an intense stare that makes people uncomfortable. They are only listening, analyzing, and forming opinions introspectively.

They are not in a bad mood

Due to their quiet nature, people usually assume introverts are constantly annoyed, angry, sad or upset. This is NOT true. They might actually be happier than anyone else around, and definitely, as human beings, they have the right to get angry sometimes. It’s difficult to detect how they are feeling at the moment. They usually just wear the same look and demeanor.

They strongly dislike unexpected visits

Don’t ever barge in on an introvert unannounced. They might just keep you in the living room and abscond. Introverts like to have everything planned out in an orderly manner. If you’re going to visit them, you have to tell them ahead of time so they can be ready to receive you. It’s hard enough for them to receive visitors, let alone unexpected ones.

They amuse themselves

Introverts are smart, intellectual people who usually notice things that others do not. They crack themselves up and relish the joy of a good laugh now and then. They are not crazy or delusional. They merely see things from a different light and perspective, most of which could be really funny at times.

They are not bored. They are always captivated by their own thoughts

Introverts may appear as though they are bored out of their minds. The truth is, extroverts are the ones who know boredom inside out. Introverts have their thoughts to entertain and thrill them. They brainstorm ideas and draw up plans in their minds, and this keeps them very busy. So, don’t always assume as introvert needs to “go out more.” They are perfectly occupied.

They don’t usually answer the phone if they don’t know who’s calling

Often times, introverts will ignore phone calls when it’s not from a saved contact. They hate phone calls in general, but they especially find it difficult to receive calls from unknown numbers. They have a strong dislike for small talk because they don’t always know the next thing to say, and it gets awkward for them when the other person pauses to wait for their contribution. They prefer to be texted rather than called.

Out of obligation, they can sometimes play the perfect hosts

If they don’t want to disappoint someone, an introvert can step up to the act and be the perfect host, entertaining and keeping people riveted. They could be the life of the party when they want to be. They don’t usually enjoy this, but sometimes they just have to.

They crave loyalty

Introverts are genuine, loyal people who would stick to the ones they love through thick and thin. They don’t sell the ones they love out or betray people. They are faithful in their relationships and businesses. They are honest and true to their words. They want people to accord them the same respect – people who wouldn’t hurt their feelings or make them feel as though they are not worth sticking to.

They are easily distracted

Introverts love quiet and tranquil environments deeply. They hate noise, and they don’t function properly in noisy settings. This is why they hate the outdoors. They get easily distracted and disoriented by too much talking and loud sounds. Don’t talk to them when they are busy. They need quietness to focus.

They don’t always know if they like a person or not

Introverts are highly observant, and they are quick to notice all the facets of a person’s personality. They know the good and the bad qualities, and they usually alternate between liking and disliking a person. They have a hard time settling on a choice, so they mostly try to have a neutral attitude to everyone. But when they are certain they love you, you’ll be consumed.

Once in a while, they step out to mingle

This doesn’t mean they are trying to impress anyone. They’d link up with their truest friends to go have a drink or see a movie (clubbing and partying is usually beyond their scope). Right after, they’d slip right back into their shells and box themselves in.

You just can’t help but love an introvert!


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