When our day ends and we get into bed at night, many of us reflect on what happened during the day! We think about what we could have done better, the mistakes we made and often we spend a great deal of mental energy fussing about missed opportunities.  Regardless of what we did or didn’t do during our day, we should make a habit of focusing on positive mantras before we sleep, so that we end our day with the feeling of satisfaction and positivity. Doing this we’ll wake up refreshed and excited to tackle the challenges of the day the next morning!

Here are 15 mantras to end the day feeling great!

“I love myself.”
Shower yourself with love everyday, regardless of your location, stage in life, weight, job or weight. You are worthy of love!

“I have everything I need to be happy.”
If you have access to food, water, sunshine, clean air and have a loving family you have more than most people in the world today! We often get caught up in the fast paced flow of life and forget to be thankful for all we have. We forget our day-to-day blessings. This mantra reminds you of all the good things that you have in your life!

“I am worthy of love and abundance.”
Remind yourself that you are a deserving child of this universe! You have the right to be loved and happy. The day you just had may have been tough but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re wonderful and worthy of love and abundance!

“I am confident in myself and know I can accomplish anything!”
Once in a while we need a reminder of our unlimited potential. This mantra also does miracles for our self-esteem. It is able to reassure us of our abilities anytime we want. This mantra done often will result in your ambitions and thoughts turning into actions sooner than you expect!

“I did the best I could today.”
Be proud of what you have achieved today. Know that you tried your best and did all you could have done today. None of us are perfect and some days may not be as great as others, but everyday we try to do our best at work and at home.

“I believe in myself.”
You can accomplish anything you want in life. This mantra reminds you to recognize your own value! Sometimes you need a little reminder to have faith in your own abilities. Believing in yourself will lead to doing things and taking actions that are closer to the nature of your being!

“I am thankful for my family and friends.”
Gratitude is a potent and powerful emotion. Be grateful of this beautiful life you’ve been given. Be grateful for the support and love you get from your family, friends and co-workers. Be grateful for the community that stands by you when you need them the most!

“I am the master of my reality.”
Energy follows thought and it is very important to remind ourselves that we set the direction and tone of our own lives. This mantra helps reassure yourself about the power that exists within you to create the reality which you desire.

“I see the beauty in everyone and everything around me.”
Take a moment to recall all the positive events and people in your life that result from your current state or environment. Your mind will create positive mental models and grow in the direction you desire, you can aid this growth by reminding yourself of all of the beauty, positivity and good around you. Don’t forget to appreciate yourself as well, you are also part of the reason why this positive reality which exists around you.

“Everything in my life serves my highest good at this time.”
Your consciousness and experience grows with every event and interaction that you experience in life. Relationships, interactions and events can be volatile or beautiful and filled with love, but each one provides your life with an experience, a learning opportunity or a valuable lesson of some sort. Everything happens for a reason, so relax and enjoy the journey as you move forward.

“I am a healthy and vibrant being of light.”
If you picture yourself as healthy and full of love you will be. If you can imagine what it looks like to be strong, fit and happy then you will become strong fit and happy before you realize! Many people have used the law of attraction to focus on the things and outcomes they want in life, you should try doing the same with this mantra!

“I release everything that no longer serves me.”
When you are in bed at the end of your day and in a relaxed state, gently rid yourself of all the negative thoughts in your mind which may bring you down. Set the stage for positive thoughts and healing energies to fill you. You’ll wake up stronger, refreshed and ready to make the best of the day!

“I am at peace.”
Find the peace within you with this mantra. The day may have been chaotic and difficult but a spot of serenity and calm does exist within you right now. Nothing outside of you can give you lasting and stable peace so look within and find that spot. This mantra along with deep breathing exercises can help you find the peace within!

“I don’t need to compare myself to others; I’m on my own journey.”
Comparing yourself to others is a sure-shot way to letting negativity enter your life. Life is about running your own race and not focusing on those around you. Each situation and each life is unique. The universe has brought you here for a reason and a purpose, which is probably different from the people you may feel tempted to compare yourself to. This mantra will help you remind yourself that this is your own personal journey this is your own life to live!

“I am enough.”
Reinforce your self worth with this positive mantra! It eliminates self-defeating thoughts and creates positive cycles of thought.

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