Empaths are beautiful souls who are true to themselves and anyone whom they let into their lives. They are the most genuine people in the world, highly compassionate and deeply sensitive to the deepest human emotions. Empaths are people who can absorb other people’s pain and sorrow, placing themselves in the other person’s frame of mind, and not merely feeling sorry for them [1].

Empathy is not a trait that can be learned or acquired. Empaths are born with the ability to make instantaneous cosmic connections with other people. They do this by linking their souls together on a different dimension, assuming the pain and grief of the other person, often creating an emotional stronghold for them.

Being an empath is stressful and difficult [2]. They don’t know how to turn off the sensitivity, constantly connecting to the deepest parts of other people’s souls. It takes a toll on their mental, physical, and psychological health, and definitely affects their social interactions.

Empathetic ladies aren’t usually excited at the prospects dating, love, and romance. They are easily hurt, and their sensitive and compassionate nature makes them vulnerable to being taken advantage of. They want to find someone who will be as genuine as they are, a person who would be willing to protect their fragile hearts like precious eggs. Unfortunately, they can’t exactly mold their own men.

Here are 12 reasons why an empath finds it difficult to settle [3]:

She’s in for the long haul

She’s not interested in wasting her time with short-term flings and casual relationships. She doesn’t want to be anybody’s friend with benefits. She wants someone who will jump in head first with her and stay right there. She wants a long-term union with someone she’s certain that she can spend the rest of her life with.

She needs an intense connection

Everything about an empath is deep and intense. She connects deeply, loves deeply, and when she’s hurt, she hurts intensely. An empath doesn’t want someone who’d merely love her on the surface. She wants a deep, cosmic connection that would stir the deepest parts of her soul, as though it was written before the dawn of time that she’d be with him. Not many men can muster such a strong reciprocal intensity.

She is always misunderstood

Empaths are often wrongly described as being overly dramatic. They are special people who feel the pain of the world in a very deep way. They tend to be loners and quiet people, and these qualities make them seem secretive and antisocial. People misunderstand them a lot, and not many people are willing to go the extra mile to break down the walls they may have built around their hearts.

She takes things very personally

She has hyper-sensitive mirror neurons, which is why she can reflect other people’s pain as though it were her own. This also makes her vulnerable to getting easily hurt, and even the most insignificant loosely thrown word can break her heart. She doesn’t bear grudges or keep unnecessary malice, but she appreciates it when people come to terms with their wrongdoings.

The truth hurts, and she’s often too sincere

She can’t bring herself to sweetening her words to please anyone. As an empath, she knows how deeply hurt people can get, so she’d usually try to tell the truth in a way that wouldn’t cause too much hurt. Unfortunately, some things can’t always be toned down. Many guys don’t want a woman who doesn’t attempt to sugar-coat her words when giving an “honest” opinion.

She detests restrictions

Sometimes, being in a relationship makes an empath feel as though she’s boxed in, as if her horizons have been sealed off. She wouldn’t want to be with someone who wouldn’t encourage to live her life to the fullest and be who she is meant to be. She doesn’t want the charge over her life to slip out of her hands.

She knows what she wants

While she’s getting to know someone, an empath will take the time to try to conjure up a bigger picture with him in it. She weighs his good and bad qualities, and if she’s not satisfied, she wouldn’t walk into the relationship at all. She expects to receive as much as she gives, and only a few people, mostly fellow empaths, can match up to the amount of compassion and effort that will pour forth from an empath.

She needs all-round satisfaction

The mind, body and soul are interwoven and cannot function properly without one another. Sexual satisfaction wouldn’t mean much to her if she’s not satisfied emotionally. A person who hurts her or neglects her emotionally is not worthy of her pure heart.

She’s a curious cat

She doesn’t let things go easily or let anyone have his way when she suspects he’s erring. She asks a lot of questions about everything, and she doesn’t stop until she’s fully satisfied. A lot of guys crack under a tirade of questions and try to avoid women who make them nervous. Empaths know they are vulnerable to deceit due to their easily trusting nature, so they’ll ask as many questions as they can to satisfy their curiosities.

She sees everything about a person

For anyone she gets close to, she’s usually aware of their best and worst qualities. She knows all their strengths and weaknesses because she’s good at reading people. This makes it difficult for people to know what to expect from her, and unpredictable people are usually avoided. She does the least expected things and often gets people around her thrown off balance.

She values reliability

An empathetic woman must have spent her life dealing with a lot emotional duress, most of which did not come from her. She usually subjects herself to easing pain and soothing hurt, and she definitely takes some of these negative emotions away with her. She needs a person whom she can rely on to give her a measure of emotional stability. Someone who would pay attention to the little details and come through for her during tough times. Someone she can trust with all her heart and he’d be certain not to break it.

She loves with everything she’s got

… and she expects to receive the same amount effort from her partner. She’d give you all her heart and her soul, but she’d take them right back if you’re not willing to go down that route with her. She will only take commitment at a 100 and nothing lower.

Female empaths are nature’s gift to the world. If you have one in your life, treat her like the precious gem she is. Care for her, be her strength, be her shield, and she’ll love you with a ferocity that’ll break raw diamond.


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