Integrity means a lot of things to a lot of people. Some people even consider integrity to be the most important quality one can have! What exactly is integrity?

In our opinion people with true integrity do the right thing because it is the correct thing to do, and that’s the end of the story. There is no ulterior motive behind their actions. They aren’t doing what is right in an attempt to show off or gain some form of credibility in the eyes of others. They don’t even expect compliments for what they have done or gratitude from others. A person with real integrity is simply just committed to doing the right thing, and they do it regardless of who is or isn’t watching. These kinds of people usually develop a powerful personality and a strong sense of justice and fairness.

True integrity comes from the belief that what is of benefit for society is right and must be done, even if it doesn’t benefit the person doing it directly. True change begins one person at a time.

How many people can you think of who have real integrity? The world needs more leaders with integrity to take people and society in positive new directions. If you feel like you have integrity you should take the lead for others to follow! Begin by doing something nice for your community or neighbourhood. Don’t do it to get a reward, do it if you believe that it is genuinely the right thing to do!

Here are 12 characteristics found in people who have true integrity:

They Are Humble

People with true integrity tend to be humble. Doing good for the sheer sake of helping is enough to make them happy. They don’t mind doing hard work and they don’t want anything in return! They own their mistakes and don’t blame others when something goes wrong.

They’re Honest

People with True integrity are always honest and don’t lie even if it is to protect themselves! They know that telling lies gets messy really fast! Lies usually make matters worse and a real and honest conversation can always remedy or better a situation. When a person with integrity does something wrong they own it and admit it freely rather than try and cover up.

They Know When Things Aren’t Right

It’s hard for us to see things from other people’s perspectives, especially when they have done something to hurt us. Situations like these are very difficult to understand and come to terms with. People with integrity realize that others make mistakes, and they are quick to forgive and move on! This act of forgiving and forgetting is beneficial to them and to everyone involved!

They Apologize

When people with integrity make mistakes, they are the first ones to apologize for them. Mistakes can’t always be avoided – but there are ways to fix them and move on! We all make mistakes now and then. It takes true integrity to know when we’ve done something we shouldn’t have or done something incorrectly and admit our faults by apologizing for it!

They Take People At Their Word

Someone with integrity believes others without much persuasion or convincing. They trust that others are honest because they themselves are so honest. They expect the best of others until proven otherwise. It’s important for others to maintain the trust of people with true integrity and work hard never to break that trust!

They Understand That Other People’s Time Has Value

Time is money, and people with true integrity realize that your time is of value. People with integrity won’t keep you waiting. They won’t make you wait for meetings or replies and they usually try their best to get back to you as soon as they possibly can. They appreciate your time and attention and are always thankful for it.

They Give Credit Where It Is Due

People with high integrity always give credit to others when it is due! They never try to claim someone else’s efforts and accomplishments as their own. Whenever they see something that they like in others they are sure to point it out.

When They Disagree With Something They Don’t Need To Argue

There is an important distinction between disagreeing and arguing. When people argue, it causes all forms of negativity and conflict. People with high integrity don’t feel the need to impose their views on others or make people feel bad for their beliefs. When they don’t agree, they may just calmly and casually express it and move on. They understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that all of us don’t need to agree on everything!

They Will Never Take Advantage Of You

People with high integrity aren’t ever friends with others for some personal advantage. There is never a hidden agenda with such people. In this day and age many people have all kinds of ulterior motives when they choose their friends or social circle, but people with true integrity are friends with people for the sake of being friends never for any other reason! They ensure that they never take advantage of their friends and peers.

They Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt

People of true integrity are always willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. They are generally trusting of other people so it’s important to always maintain their trust and not take them for granted! These people are strong and confident in themselves as well as their friends and when something goes wrong they are always willing to give others the benefit of the doubt!

They Volunteer For Good Causes

Volunteer work is a great way to give back and it really benefits societies in many ways. People with true integrity really recognize the value and benefits of volunteering, and engage in it often! And they do this from the goodness of their own hearts, without expecting anything in return!

They Are Authentic

Authenticity is a term that is associated with people of high integrity and character. It means to be real. They are confident and collaborative and live their day to day lives without trying to be above anyone else!

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