Cheers to the generation Z! They’ve produced a smart genius who’s about to go down in history for beating the bad guys hands-down. And what’s even more amazing? She’s only 11.

Many incredible scientists actually started out as outstanding young geniuses and child prodigies, but not very many could ever hit an Intelligence Quotient score of 162. Not even Albert Einstein, world-famous physicist and inventor, or Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist, cosmetologist, and author. These two highly intelligent scientists reportedly had IQ scores of 160, whereas many other High IQ famous scientists averaged around 140.

World’s smartest Iranian
Tara Sharifi is an Iranian student living in the United Kingdom. A student at Aylesbury High School, she’s about to become one of the youngest members of the Mensa society, also known as the British Mensa or High IQ society. She hit a remarkable 162, the highest ever score to be attained on the Mensa IQ test. Mensa is the largest, most renowned, and most prestigious IQ society in the World. It is only open to people who have scored a 98th percentile or higher on their standardized IQ test [1].

Tara has the same score as 14-year-old Lydia Sebastian from Essex, who scored 162 when on the Mensa test when she was only 12 [1]. Tara is not a child prodigy because she’s above the age of ten, but she’s still phenomenal anyway.

The non-verbal test had been completely cultural and language neutral, and it was set to a record time. She was tested on her ability to understand the meaning of words in a given context, and she broke the record, beating two world-renowned famous geniuses with 2 points.

Proud parents of a smart kid
In an interview with the Iran Front Page, Tara said she hadn’t actually been expecting to attain such a high score on the test, which she took at Oxford [3].

I was shocked when I got the result – I never expected to get such a good score. I have told some of my friends at school and they were really impressed,” Tara said.

Her father had also been shocked at his daughter’s phenomenal achievement. He’d encouraged her to take the test because she’d always displayed a high intelligence and sense of reasoning.

“I am extremely proud but very surprised at how well Tara scored,” Hossein Sharifi said to Bucks Herald [4]. “I figured she might do well when we watched TV and she would get math questions before the contestants.  I knew she was very clever but I did not think she would have such a high IQ.

Big dreams for the future
Tara would soon be inducted into the Mensa IQ society, and she’s utterly excited about this prospect.

“It was a joint decision between me and my parents to take the test. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other people within the Mensa system,” she said. I’m certain they’d be thrilled to meet the Smart Alec as well.

Tara’s already chosen her future career, and she’ll most likely keep breaking records all through. “When I am older, I would like to do something related to mathematics,” she said.


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